Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My opinion about Facebook

Nowadays, almost everybody has a Facebook account. It's a social network site which allows people to find old friends and keep in touch with them. In my opinion, I think that Facebook is a really good tool, but it has some disadvantages.

On the one hand, you can connect to different people from anywhere in the world. This gives you the opportunity to know more about their culture, values and tradition. Also, you can use groups to connect all your close friends together, and a lot more uses.

On the other hand, Facebook is very addictive, so it makes you waste your time. It's clear that it often brings bad effects on students' results and we are losing oral communication skills too.

Furthermore, people can easily get your personal information, so it's recommended not to share your personal information publicly.

In conclusion, I believe that using Facebook safely and not really frequently is the best way to use this social network site.

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