Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The FONIX competition for Catalan schools

Hi guys, 

I've got some good news for you. We are entering The Fonix competition!

This competition is organised by the Generalitat the Catalunya to promote the study of English in schools. Click on the link above to read all about it, the web is in English and Catalan language. 

Competition prizes

The following prizes will be awarded to the 112 candidates who classify for the final stage of the competition:
  • 4 two-week stays in “English Summer Camps” in Catalonia for the four winners in the 5º pri. to 2nd ESO categories.
  • 4 two-week stays in an English-speaking country for the four winners in the 3rd ESO to 2nd de Batxillerat/ Grau Superior de Cicles Formatius categories.
  • 8 standard on line English courses and 8 sets of study materials for the runners-up in each of the 8 categories.
  • 32 standard on line English courses for the third, fourth, fifth and sixth placed candidates in each of the 8 categories.
  • Sets of study materials for the remaining finalists.

The competition will consist of a written test about a specific topic (for example, geophaphy, history or music). There will be vocabulary, reading and writing activities around the topic. Moreover, in the final stage there will be a short speaking test too. 
There are three stages: the local stage (in our school), the regional stage (in each of the 4 regional capitals of Catalonia) and the final stage (in Barcelona).

You can also check out this video which explains a bit more about it. 

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Ona said...

Thanks for this experience Sonia. I enjoyed a lot.