Friday, 24 October 2014

Composition Mistakes 1

Can you correct the following sentences? Beware that some of the sentences are correct.

  1. To sum up, eating in these places is good but the quality of their food is not as good as you would expect. 
  2. The aim of this report is to talk about thehealthy eating and .....
  3. And if it weren't enough, it shows some videos about people who have had this experience and give their opinion and recommendations. 
  4. As a result, if this type of meals becomes an habit, the consequences can be: overweight, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others. 
  5. I've been told that there is a website called that has set up to promore the exchange between budget travellers, language learners and culture seekers around the world.
  6. To finish, it would be interesting to all people be aware of the irreversible consequences produced by this way of eating. 
  7. The fast food restaurants have a lot of ways do do this. 
  8. This website offers housing in cities of Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, it's a real bargain. 
  9. I think we need to find the real composers of the songs and give them the credit which deserve these people
  10. You would definitely get dissapointed with them. 
  11. Furthermore, the people who want to hire you offer accomodation during your stay.

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