Friday, 24 October 2014

A report

A report about

The aim of this report is to explain how a young person can learn a language and have a great experience abroad.

I've been told that there's a website called that has set up to promote the exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families. For instance, there are lots of teenagers who decide to go abroad when they finish high school, precisely the summer before starting University. This is because they have finished their exams and they completely want to improve a language and earn a bit of money.

As a result, this website offers housing in cities of Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania at a good price, so that's a real bargain. And if it weren't enough, it shows some videos about people who have had this oportunity and they give their opinion and recommendations.

To sum up, is a really good website to look for the best experience of your life, ensuring the knowledge of a language and a culture that will make you improve your life.

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