Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lies that lead to earning money

The purpose of this report is to show how the famous fast food chains of our country attract people.

Some of this ways to make people buy their food are trustful mecanisms. As an example, take the grat service that comes with the well-made food. Also, the perfect attraction for children is the little toys of their favourite cartoon that come along their small and expesives boxes with all kind of food. Even though, this means they earn money, they actually lose even more trying to attract us.

However,other means of attraction are not as faithful as the previous ones. For instance, when you watch an advertisment on TV they show food in a really good state that estimulates your brain to get that food. In fact, it looks as if it was a hamburger made in paradise. But the truth is another one, these fake ads are just a trick. And when you buy the stuff you realise how bad are they playing with you. 

In conclusion, all these schemes to get people are quite effective but in my opinion the should pay more attention to the quality of their food instead of the money the earn.

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