Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Report

The aim of this report is to talk about healthy eating and how fast food chains attract people to they restaurants.

Today, urgency of time or work, or the devotion to the comfort of modern life seem stronger than contribution to a healthier nutrition. Fast food has become a must for many people.
Chains like McDonalds, Burger King o Subway are examples of these restaurants. For instance, in these places we can eat chips, sandwiches and the fast-food star: Hamburgers. They have transformed nutrition in a quick and simple solution habi. Althouigh not as good for health.
This is because they taste good, they're cheap, you can eat them in a few minutes, don't have to wash dishes and you can eat anywhere.
As a result , If this type of meals becomes a habit, the consequences can be: overweight, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others.

To finish, It would be interesting for all people to be aware of the irreversible consequences produced by this way of eating and look for a healthy nutrition.

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