Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A report

Assignment: The college where you study is organizing a campaign to promote healthy eating. They want to examine how fast food chains attract people to their restaurants.

The aim of this report is to investigate how fast food chains atract people to their restaurants. As a requested I have some data.

For years, fast food chains have tried to draw attention with this 'very tasty fast food, do not wait, do not cook, we give you it very fast'. However, the food that they serve us is not healthy and consequently, we hurt our health.
It is observed that, like every great trade, fast food restaurants are studied with perfection to get the consumer to go many times to the restaurant.

Although, their food may look tasty, but it should be taken into consideration that it is unhealthy, they just want our money and these are their tactics to achieve:
-Their food is advertised on huge billboards.
-They utilize the red color, which is what catches our attention.
-The music and the smell of the restaurant.
-They have captured us, since we were children, with toys (as in Mc donald's).

In conclusion, considering the above points, fast food chains are not interested in our health, just our money. Due to these chains, each year there are more people with diabetes and obese children. For instance, the 21.3% of Spanish children between 6 and 11 years old have abdominal obesity, according to a recent study.
I recommend, to start cooking for yourself, and if you are used to eating lots of fast food, a good idea is to try to make your own burgers.

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