Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A for and against essay: Death penalty

Nowadays, in many countries as the USA or Japan it is executed a penalty called Death punishment or Death penalty. It is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. However, it is a very delicate and criticized topic by people. There are many disadvantages and some advantages to this penalty.

On the one hand, it is clear that there are strong arguments against this idea. Prisons have plenty of innocent people, one effect of this is that there are many people in prison who have been judged unfairly every year, without a hard evidence or false evidences, there are many kinds of cases. As a result of this, there are innocent people who have suffered the death penalty. Another argument against is that innocent people are sentenced to death with materially greater frequency than was previously supposed and that convincing proof of their innocence often does not emerge until long after their convictions.

On the other hand, the relatives of the victim feel that the murderer (or not) deserves to die, and suffer the penalty which painfully the victim suffered before. This means that the remuneration of the crime is the just punishment for the evil that has caused and is therefore proportional to the crime.             As consequently, people will live quieter without another criminal. In spite of this, would Penal servitude for life be a better alternative than the Death penalty for criminals?.

Personally, I believe that no one can kill another person, no matter what he or she did.  Because I think that if I kill a criminal I would become another criminal, and down to their level. In addition, executing the Death penalty kills also innocents that could have proved their innocence during their stay in prison without dying. But even if that person is guilty, death will not be the solution, while he is alive he will receive his punishment which could be life imprisonment as an alternative. I strongly believe that the lack of freedom is the only fair punishment for a guilty.  From my point of view, death penalty is murder by the government it violates the right to life. We ask justice for a murdered person killing another. It is utterly contradictory. To sump up, Capital punishment contradicts our moral beliefs and claims of a fair and just government.

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