Thursday, 5 March 2015


Nowadays, reality shows are a very popular form of entertainment. I'm sure you find reality shows on most channels. There are different types of reality shows.

Firstly, I think that these programmes are a lot of variety. Not everyone like the same type of program. Some people like music or dance shows, while others prefer programmes where people show their privacy. In fact, people show their talent and they can get a job for this opportunity. Moreover, people can get their dream. Another advantage is that the people meet new people and have new and interesting experiences.

However, if you compare reality shows with other programmes or movies, we can see that reality shows dominate. I believe that there should be more series, movies and documentaries as they interest us all. In spite of music shows, dance shows, etc that are good to discover your talent, the reality shows on the people who show their lives don't contribute to anything of interest at all.

To sum up, I think that reality shows are good entertainment for a little time but not to see a lot of time. It is a good distraction. Nevertheless, I think that there should be reality shows but not in so many channels and so many times a week.

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