Friday, 27 November 2015

My first boat trip

I remember my first boat trip it was in June for the end of course trip and we went to Rome. I had never travelled by boat and I was very nervous I remember that all the time I was thinking about the Titanic film and in my mind all my thoughts were about boats sinking.

When we were on the deck all my classmates were very excited, delighted and quiet and I felt like i was doing the latest thing in my young life. When my classmates were taking pictures I was sitting on a bench looking for the travel sick pills in my bag. I was very embarrassed because I couldn't see the sea and enjoy the views like my classmates.

Suddenly, I remember that my best friend came to me and told me that the boat had started to move. After many attempts my best friend convinces me to see the beginning of the trip. No word can describe that. It was fantastic and beautiful. It was at 11 p.m. and Barcelona looked wonderful that night. I felt free I didn't know why but it was amazing to see you were moving away from your home. It was the beginning of an amazing trip.

Now i love traveling by boat. I can't wait to do another trip by boat.

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