Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas 2014... (a narrative)

Last Christmas, my family and I went to a hotel in Salou to spend there the Christmas Eve. It's strange not to spend the holidays at home but this year we wanted change the atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the hotel was quite crowded to be Christmas, it was really weird. Continuing my magical night, my family and I had dinner there, the truth is that the food was really good. When we finished dinner, we decided to go to the hotel disco club. There was loud music and people dancing. Personally, I'm not a good dancer. So you can imagine that was an embarrassing night. While I was dancing I dropped the drink on a person. It was terrible!.
After all night smelling of alcohol, I would return to the same hotel this year. I'm still thinking that night was magical because the truth not matter what happens and where it happens if you're with your family.

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