Friday, 29 January 2016

An opinion essay

The violence is normal

Many people think that there is only violence in video games. However, the people don't see the violence in the reality shows, films or simply in daily life.

Personally, I think that people only see the bad things in the video games. People only see that you kill people or use arms but they don't see the beautiful stories, the love or the awesome landscapes. For example Fallout or Metro are two fantastic video games with violence and a lot of good things.

It seems to me that violence isn't too controlled for the part of the shops and parents. For example, kids can play violent video games because their parents aren't informed about what are buying to their children and sellers sell video games to children.

From my point of view it's normal that people play violent games because violence is normal, it is in all the places. So... Why do we need to hide it? By the way, I will let my kids play and see the violence they want.
                            Fallout 4                                                          Metro Last Ligth

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