Thursday, 28 January 2016

What would you do to change the world?

In my view, I think I couldn't change the world alone because the world is bigger than me. But we would like to change little things about it. 

For exemple, the war, it is the most terrible thing that there is now, I'm sure that the blame is on everyone that we have allowed it to happen. Many people has died and we are only looking to another side. The families that are living there are like us. 

Another exemple, I think that many people buy a lot of things that after a while surely they won't use them. Personally, I think poverty is another little thing I want to change in this world. At the moment, Spain is growing up in poverty. Since last year the number of poor people has grown. 

In conclusion, If we all thought about now we could change the world, I'm sure that we can do it. But first we must think everybody how to change our own life and also how we make somebody smile. 

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