Friday, 15 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

Nowadays, being famous has become a desire for each of us. However, most of us think that famous life is full of happiness and excited moments but we forget to mention all the disadvantages that their life carries.

On the one hand, the celebrities have a wonderful life with much more money than ordinary people, so they never need to worry about it.
In addition, some of them use their wealth to help charities. And obviously, they win a lot of hearts and get a lot of fans who they love and respect their hard work.

On the other hand, they always have to keep a guard because they never know when there can be fans attack, in a positive sense, people surround you for autographs. Nevertheless, I think there is no privacy....every little fight goes to the newspaper. And there are higher chances of depression.

All in all, In my opinion there are as many dis advantages as benefits of being popular. What-s more, being famous is not always fun, there are bad aspects that have to be considered and ofcourse, remember once you've famous you can't turn back, your life change forever.

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