Friday, 15 April 2016

Individual sports are better tan team sports

Doing an individual sport or team sport is a very interesting topic as much variety of opinions and many people believe doing an individual sport is better than the team sport.

Then now we will look at the positive side of individual sport. A large vote in statement that you can play without shame that this evil what you do and you can rectify the times you went . Also you can be more relaxed alone than with more people. In addition,there are people who exceeded every day better, and for that the people think the individual sport is better.

However there are a lot of people who like learning a sport because for them it motivates more to be in group since they find a support both physical and mental. And as well as that ,above all it helps you to be more sympathetic as you collaborate and also you make friends with the people you play.
Mostly, it makes you essential because they need you.

In short, I think it is better to work together than alone, because personally I'm a person who likes to be together and help my classmates and I think it is being in a team although  there aren't enough people who think like me.

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