Friday, 15 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

It is clear that a lot of people want to be famous because thei think that if you are famous, you have a better life. However there are many people who don't like to be famous because they have a lot of disadvantages.

Being famouse has advantages like people meet you, give you presents, you win a lot of money, have a good house, car clother... but all these are material things and you are rhe center of attention but this can good depending on the person.

On th other hand, It also has disadvantages like if you became very famous there would be many people that follow you, they always want to take photos about you, it doesn't matter the moment but I think what's more trouble about being famous are the magazines because they never leave you alone and you can't live in peace.

All in all, I feel that being famous can be good but depending on the person because everyone has their opinion.

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