Friday, 15 April 2016

"PE should be compulsory in school" Discuss.

In all high school you must have a sport subject because It's a good way to work the body and have good health although we only have two hours a week. 

On the one hand, I believe that PE is good for students because they can make friends and speak with them while they are playing sports. In addition, the person who do sport learn how to cooperate with others. 

On the other hand, I feel PE must be optional for "bachillerato" students. So many people don't want to do exercice because there are people who prefer to study science or literature subjects than PE. However, sports help us to relax and get unstressed. 

In conclusion, I don't think that the PE should be compulsory, nevertheless, I propose that PE will be an optional subject for only "Bachillerato" students because I still think the PE must be compulsory for ESO students. 

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