Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hi, guys. Last week I bought a new book that talks about  Britain's expressions which people often use to talk in many different situations in their lives , as situations where you go to a party, or you are angry, so ... I hope you enjoy these expressions and with the new vocabulary.

I'm going to start with some expressions which British people usually use. Those expressions are related with the fruit.

-THE APPLE OF MY EYE (La niña de mis ojos)

-THE APPLE NEVER FALLS FAR FROM THE TREE (De tal palo tal astilla)

-TO GO BANANAS (Volverse loco)

On the other hand, if you want conquer someone you should try with those expressions:

-YOU’RE GORGEOUS! (¡Estás preciosa!)
-YOU’VE GOT A KILLER BODY (Tienes un cuerpo de infarto)
-YOU’RE BEYOND PERFECT (Eres más que perfecta)
-YOU’RE THE CUTEST PERSON I KNOW (Eres la persona más encantadora que conozco)

But, If you didn’t get the conquest, you should be more sophisticated as the British and say:

YOU MUST BE TIRED BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND ALL DAY (Debes de estar cansado/a porque llevas todo el día dando vueltas en mi cabeza)


YOUR DAD MUST BE A THIEF BECAUSE HE STOLE THE STARS AND PUT THEM IN YOUR EYES (Tu padre tiene que ser ladrón, porque robó las estrellas y las puso en tus ojos)

All in all, I will be grateful if you put some comments about your opinion in relation with the expressions and if you liked .

If you want that I put more amazing expressions, you should say me in the comments .


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Sònia Turmo said...

Jazmin! Thank you so much for sharing some expressions from your new book!
They're great! I love the one about going bananas!!! I had heard it before, but I did not remember. It's a funny one!

Very good selection thank you. And of course feel free to share more expressions whenever you want. I really appreciate it!

Bye, see you in class!