Thursday, 28 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous: "What does it cost to become famous?"

People probably agree with the review that says that famous people's life is perfect. But, how much truth is there in this affirmation? We don’t live together with them, so we can’t affirm or deny
anything. Surely, they must have the same or more amount of problems and the same happens with the positive aspects. But, we can disagree with that.

On the one hand, famous people can earn much money, so it’s true that money helps to improve our life quality. They can waste that money in expensive modern clothes, jewels and cars. What’s more, they can enjoy the popularity and appear frequently on magazines and newspaper. In addition, they receive gentle treatment by everybody.

On the other hand, famous people can't enjoy privacy anywhere because the reporters and "paparazzis" follow them all time. The most important aspect is that they can be millionaires but they aren ́t really happy because they can't get things that money can't buy, as real friendship and uninterested love.

All in all, I believe that the advantages of being famous are more beneficial compared with the disadvantages. In my opinion, it’s true that money can’t get the most important things in this life

as clear love or honest friendship, but it’s true also that money can help in many aspects like poverty.

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