Friday, 15 April 2016


I choose this topic because "internet" it is our daily living. Nowadays we could not live without internet. Everything in excess is bad- it is said there, also internet.
is it true  that the internet ir more googd than bad?
in the first place, internet is a tool more than necessary for us this tool con be in touch whith anyone , without importace of the place or the day.
moreover, ir allows us to find the information we want at the right time, besides internet is a great source of work and information. On the of the hand, there are important inconvenients to consider, we get isolated from the social world surfing the internet can be a waste of time in hich you can do more productive things. The most important disadvantge of internet is that you can be fooled if you are not careful

In conclusion, internet is one of the most important tools todays, you decide if you use fot better or worse.

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