Monday, 18 April 2016

Writing Checklist 2

After writing your draft composition, you can use the following checklist to improve the final version of your essay.

I hope it helps!

  • Can I include a rethorical question in the introduction to engage the reader?
  • Could I use more examples to illustrate my ideas?
  • Could I use anecdotes or facts to reinforce my arguments?

  • Did I use connectors at the beginning of paragraphs, ....?
  • Did I use appropriate and rich vocabulary

  • If I speculated about the future, did I use the 1st conditional correctly? 
  • If I speculated about an improbable situation, did I use the 2nd conditional correctly? 
  • If I speculated about the past, did I use the 3rd conditional correctly? 

  • Can I use a variety of modal verbs to talk about possibility, advice, obligation, .....
  • Can I use the passive voice to sound more formal?

  • Did I use the appropriate verbal tense when I talked about experiences, future plans, narrated past events....?


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