Wednesday, 19 October 2016


The person that I admire is called Anna and she is my older sister. She is 25 years old. Currently she is working in an Orange mobile shop and she is the manager. In addition, she is studying Elementary school online, by the way she has very good grades especially in Maths.

From my point of view she is affectionate and honest so she always helps others. Also, she is ambitious and persevering and because of it she got her work as a manager and she is getting on with studies. Finally she is mature although she is young she thinks and acts like an adult.

Her hobbies are watching films and series, walking her dogs with her boyfriend, traveling and being with her family. She likes animals and music.

However, not all about her is good. Also, she is ipulsive and hysterical and this can make her angry and argue with someone. To tell the truth, I think even with her bad things she is the best person in the world.

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