Thursday, 20 October 2016


The person I admire most is my sister Jenny.  She’s twenty-two years old. She studied in La Pineda a few years ago. At present, she is very happy because she works in a laboratory. She really likes science.

Jenny’s an ambitious woman who has a strong personality. Every time she talks I get surprised because she is so intelligent.  She is an incredibly independent girl; she likes to do things her own way. From my point of view, she’s sociable, responsible and sometimes so sensitive.  

My sister hasn’t got any hobbies but she loves to see films and series. Her favorite series right now I think is Stranger Things.  When she really likes a series, she doesn’t stop telling me the story and I never see it. 

However, the only problem with Jenny is that she’s quite bossy, not all the time, and very demanding with herself. I admire her since I was born, is my friend, my confident, the greatest support with my mother too. 

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