Friday, 21 October 2016

My cousin,my sister.

The person I admire most is my cousin-sister, She’s tall, has Brown skin and soft, straight hair is dark Brown. Blue is her favorite colour that’s why she is most often seen in blue t-shirt or jeans.
Right now, she’s at UAB doing a nursing course but her dream is to become a future doctor, so firstly she’ll finish nursing and then going to study medicine.

By nature, she is charming and helpful person, she helps me whenever I need to. Besides, she is a good listener too. I always share my every problem or everything with her because her advice is worth it! Describing her, she’s also very funny… She sometime tries to be funny just to make me smile, that’s so sweet of her. And she’s hard worker and inspiration for me.

In our free time we like to talk as much as possible like gossip up, usually we finish gossips saying “we don’t care”!  And if we’re together we like to watch horror movies.

However she is very nice but like everyone she’s also negative aspects that are difficult to find.

She gets nervous quickly, specially when she’s driving. Here she doesn’t like to talk to people who are in the car because she needs a concentration and sometimes those are with her get irritated. 

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