Thursday, 20 October 2016

My best friend, my mother

My mother is my best friend, so of course I know her very well. Her name is Karima. She’s 45 and she works as a house cleaning lady. She’s from Algeria and she is Muslim. She has a very big family, her parents and four sisters. However, her father died when he was fifty years old. 

The main thing you notice about her is her personality. She is a charming and an affectionate lady, when you meet her you immediately love her. She is very generous, she always wants your wellness and give you all you need. She is a hard-working woman and of course very independent. Since I was a child she has always had to struggle to get ahead. The most important thing is that she is a very reliable person, she couldn’t be able to betray you. 

In her free time she likes going shopping, I think that she is passionate about fashion. I must say that she has a good fashion sense. Furthermore, she is good at cooking. She works a lot, so she wants to rest. 

Finally, I can also say that she is the best mum of the world. But, like all of us she has some negative things. She sometimes is a bossy person. But a positive bossy, sometimes she encourage me to do things giving me orders. I think she does that for my benefit. 

I can also say that she is a vey important person to me because she is the only person that has always been by my side.

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