Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Thousand of people go to Barcelona to visit the city, the food, the beaches, to know the people... But what are the things that you can't miss ig you go to Barcelona?
And why is Barcelona a very popular touristic city? Well, in a few minutes you'll know it

Resultat d'imatges de barcelonaFirst of all, Barcelona has got a lot of culture. It preserves roman streets ad sculptures, big sculptures created by big artists like Gaudí and also preserves different buildings that were created in different periods. You won't know in what century you are!

Tired of culture? Don't worry in Barcelona they also know how to have fun in the Tibidabo park, an amusement park, or playing volleyball on the beach. Moreover, for people that are football fans they have the stadium of the  Camp Nou. But that's not all, Barcelona also has a lot of boutiques for people who love spending time shopping, they'll find a lot of bargains!

In conclusion, Barcelona is a wonderful city where you can do a lot of things. So, what are you waiting for go?

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