Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My future

It was the darkest night I had ever seen and the rain was hitting the windows. In my room the small lamp was shining as bright as the sun. I was sitting t my desk when my mother suddenly appeared at the door asking me "What do you want for dinner?" "Nothing," I replied. At that moment I was full of thoughts.
I could tell you what I thought about but it isn’t really important. Nevertheless,
I need to tell someone. I had hardly ever thought about going to college,
but every time I thought about it, I felt that it wasn’t my way. 
It was still raining. Should I go to college? 
Even if you don’t want it, only because the education system says it’s for the best? 
My mother came back. She didn’t go to college and I believe she’s happy. 
Anyway, I’m young and so I want my future to shine as bright as my little lamp does. 
It's my way. It's my line. I will know how to continue if I don’t lose myself first. 
The rain had stopped and I hadn’t realized. 
I had stopped the moment I stopped worrying. 

Then the moon took over the night.

Resultat d'imatges de futuro

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