Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Jose Antonio Presentation

Hello, my name is Jose Antonio and i´m 17 years old , i´m from the beautiful Badalona but i live in a small ,students flat in Badalona .Im studyingveterinary science university of Barcelona , its really interesting. I want to work at the zoo when i leave University , as a vet of sea animals . Im medium height , i have black curly hair , i´m very Kind and funny and i have a good sense of humor .

When i finished Bachillerato I don´t has to do , my parents told me to study Psycology but i didn´t likeit  too much and I decided to study veterinaty science.

I like to travel around the world and go to the mountain , but sometimes it is very difficould because i dont have alot of time . I´m looking for a girl, who is sociable , funny and polite , The apperance is not a problem for me but i prefer the girls who are shorter than me.

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