Wednesday, 25 October 2017

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English redaction: My profile College Collection Website

My name's Assia Zouhair and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Spain and I'm a student. I'm studying the Technological Baxtxillerat, it's really interesting. My dad is a builder, and i'd like to build with him.

 I'm a talkative, sociable person, and I am very generous, but my mum says I'm very mean. I've got brown eyes, and I'm quite short. I'd like to to meet all the people.

I don't like watchig TV, because it is very boring.
I like sport. My favourite sport is athletics. I also like talking all the time. My friend Valeria is tired, because, i spesk all the time with her. She likes music, she loves Justin Bieber, because he is very handsome, and shen likes Selena Gómez because she is pretty.


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Anonymous said...

It is very important to do sport, and athletics are very interesting. You are very lucky Assia!