Saturday, 18 November 2017


One of my favorite photos is this of Barcelona.

I took the photo in the summer of 2009. When I went there with my family.

We were at a place called Barcelona, it's a neighborhood, it is famous for its beach, there are many turists there, because they like it. My family and I liked Barceloneta very much. When I took a photo, I felt proud of that, because it is a memory  in which the family was together and happy. Also, because I like those beautiful buildings.

I love this photo, because it has a very nice story behind.

I have the photo on paper and on my camera with other photos of Barceloneta.


Melanie Magallanes said...

Assia I like your photo, it is very beautiful and originally. The best thing is that you spent a good time with your family and you will probably remember it for a long time.

Keyla Michaga said...

It is a nice photo, we should go at some time togheter!!

Marta P said...

My good friend Assia. your photo is beautiful, one day we are go to the Barceloneta togheter, do not hesitate. We are go to the Barceloneta when we have holidays.