Saturday, 18 November 2017

My favourite photo

One of my favourite photo is this one of my grandparents.

I took the photo in 2005, in my grandparents house. I think that day was my grandmother's birthday.

I took the photo after my grandmother blew the candles of the cake. We were all the family at home, we were 20 people , my parents, uncles, cosins...
It was a very special moment, she was 50 years old, and it was the firts birthday that she spent without her parents, my great-grandparents.

I love this photo, because it is a moment that the family always remembers, and beacause my grandparents appear in it. Who are very important to me, they are the ones who have taken care of me since I was little. I thank them for all they have done for me.

I have the photo on my computer, and also in a photo fram in the hall of my house.
Resultat d'imatges de fotos de abuelos para colorear


Assia Zouhair said...


Melanie Magallanes said...

It is very nice that your favorite photo refers to your grandparents, sincerely I think that grandparents are very important because they love us and always try to make us happy, so I love your picture.

Keyla Michaga said...

It is very nice and interesting.