Tuesday, 6 February 2018

An opinion essay

  • Live concerts are the best way to listen to music. What do you think?

In my opinion, live concerts are a funny to listen to music and it is a great experience, because you can see your favorite band or singer in person without a screen in between, listen as he plays or sings without vocal arrangements.

Also, when you are at a concert you can sing your favorite song along with all the fans that are round you while still being able to hear the voice of your favorite band or singer.

There are also times where your band or singer makes a show for all the fans who have attended their concert.

Finally, it is a way to spend a special and unique day with your friends, you can meet new people with your same tastes and maybe start a new friendship.

1 comment:

Keyla Michaga said...

Oh, I had not thought that going to concerts was a good way to have fun with your friends and that we can meet new people with our tastes. Interesting!