Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Chapters 4-6 Activities

Activity 1
1. wealthy
2. pleased
3. suspicious
4. deaf
5. charming
6. dead

Activiy 2
1. F (A headmaster works in a school)
2. T
3. F (A bill tells you how much money you will pay)
4. F (A sign is something you see)
5. T
6. F (You can teach your pets to sit and roll over)

Activity 3
1. Mr Mole
2. Mrs Mole
3. Mr Lucas
4. Adrian
5. Adrian
6. Mr Mole

Activity 4
1. Mr Lucas came for dinner and ate three pieces of Mr Mole's favourite cake. When he arrived home, he was angry. He threw the cheese sandwich on the wall and Adrian's mother started to cry.
2.  Pandora lives on Elm Tree Avenue, a wealthy street. Adrian discovered this while he was delivering newspapers on her street.
3. When he heard his father telling his grandmother in the kitchen.
4. Because he found a note from Mr Lucas.
5. Because Adrian's father hit him and he couldn't see out of his black eyes.
6. Because he was afraid his father was suicidal.

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