Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Reader assignment : The secret diary of Adrian Mole

The assignment should have a minimum length of 250 words.
Choose ONE of the options below. In the assignment, you must show that you have read and understood the story and the vocabulary. I will value your creativity and your ability for reaching conclusions about the story. You should try not to copy directly from the book.

Drama Activities:
  1. You are a social worker going to visit Bert Baxter. Write your interview and /or act it out in front of the class.
  2. Write and act out the conversation that might have taken place between Adrian’s grandmother and Barry Kent on Thursday, 21st of May.
  3. Write a phone conversation between Adrian’s mother and Mr Lucas after she returned to her family. Act it out in front of the class.

Writing suggestions:
  1. Write a letter from Pandora to Adrian, telling Adrian that you and he are getting too serious and explaining why.
  2. Write a diary entry from Adrian after the last one in the book.
  3. Write a poem that Adrian wrote to Pandora in his Valentine’s card to her (page 55).  
  4. Write your own diary for a week or more.

Challenge to think:

What were Adrian’s main objectives in life and what did he do to achieve them?
What do you admire and respect about Adrian? What weaknesses do you think he’s got?
What kind of adult do you think Adrian will end up being?

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