Monday, 28 May 2018

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Friday, March 23:
Today I had to go to the institute to pick up my second trimester grades, then I returned home and spent the afternoon watchimg my korean online series.

Saturday, March 24:
My mother got angry with me for not accompanying her to the Boqueria, in Bracelona. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house and I started to see my chinese online series.

Sunday, March 25:
Today my mother woke up my father and me at 6am to go running until 8am. I came home tired after going out to run, yesterday I went to sleep at 2am. After breakfast we started cleaning the whole house. That day really exhausting.

Monday, March 26:
It was my lazy, I didn't do anything practically all day apart from reading and listening to music. Even though I did the home work they had given us for Easter.

Tuesday, March 27:
My parents and I went shopping for the week at Carrefour and when we got home we did a movie session.

Wednesday, March 28:
I had to take care of my neighbor's two children, although they paid me 30 euros for 4 hours, so it wasn't so bad. Also their children were so cute and calm.

Thursday, March 29:
This was the day to go shopping. It was super fun.

Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of March:

Today my mother made us go out for a walk with my father and me throughout Barcelona. It was fun and at the same time tiring.

Sunday, April 1:
I spent the whole day doing the Easter homework.

Monday, April 2:
It was the last day of Easter rest. Tomorrow will be the day of returning to the institute and I will have to get up early.

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