Sunday, 27 May 2018

Roger Federer's biography

Roger Federer was born in Switzerland, in Basel, the capital in 1981. His father worked for a long years. There he met Lynette, currently, she is his wife.

In the Roger's childhood, he practised several sports at school as table tennis, football, basketball etc.. When he was seven years old, he decided to play football and take it more seriously. Finally he gave up football and started to play tennis on an tennis' school was sixteen years old, he left the studies and started to travel arround the world for playing tournments like WImbledon, US Open, Roland Garros etc.

In 2003 , he was the best player in the world, since then he has won a lot of tournments. Unfortunatelly Roger suffered a hard injury, he had to give up tennis for four months.

Nowadays, Federer is 36 years old, and everybody coincides that he is the best player of tennis' history... I absolutelly agree.

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