Sunday, 27 May 2018

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Sunday, March 25th

Today starts Easter.. I played football and we won 3-1 versus LLefià. The whole team was very excited because this was the first match won after three games losing. After that I went to have dinner with my family. The meal was delicious.

Monday, March 26t

I didn/t do anythimg, absolutelly nothing. I was with my brother Juan Pablo and we could match Spain vs Argentina... Argentina lost 6-1... it was horrible... I couldn't sleep this night.

Thursday. March 27th

I hang out with my friends, and we had an excellent time. When I am with my friends I feel very comfortable, they make me feel safe...I don't know why... They are great!

Wednesday, March 28th

Today I woke up in the hospital.. My parents explained me what's going on with me this night. They said that I fell down and I didn't remember it. The doctors said to me that I'm better and I could leave the hospital this afternoon.

Thursday, March 29th

I did the homework, and housework.. I don't like all these things, but I haven't got another option.. Despite that, this night my aunt helped me to play the guitar and several songs.

Friday, March 30th

For the christianism, a day like today, two thousand years back, Jesus was diing on the cross for the sins of humanity. Is it true? Why millions and millions of people put his confidence in Jesus? What happened after his death? People say that he was risen.. Today I've been thinking about it...

Saturday. March 31st

Today my brother got ill, and I had to take care of him, the whole day. Now he is feeling better than this moorning. My brother is a goos patient.

Sunday, April 1st

My family and me went to the cinema, and we watched "Suddenly", it's very interesting movie. Today I can't cheer up, because Easter finishes, and the holidays too, so we must take advantatge of all the minutes..
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