Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Biography

A Biography (Ernest Dift)

Ernest Dift is a Spanish Youtuber that has changed my point of view. Manly he takes care about the people that want to do a change on their live and he encourages people and he helps us to have a healthy lifestyle (a healthy body and a healthy mind).
He was born in 1994 in Catalonia, Spain (specifically in Barcelona). He started training when he was 15. He said “At that age, it was the first time I experienced the incredible feeling of lifting weights in a gym”. He likes the personal progress and improve his mind. For this reason, he reads some books about the personal progress and about the wealth that you can use to improve your mind and after that he shares his experiences and point of view with us.
After three years training, between 18 and 19 and with his unstoppable desire of knowing the world he convinced his parents and he moved to Leeds in England, where he spent 9 months trying to make a living. There, he found his first job with a contract, on the maintenance team of a gym.

When he came back to Barcelona, he started to train to be a personal trainer and after that he followed the footsteps of Steve Cook (an American fitness Youtuber) and he opened his YouTube channel when he was 21 years old.

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