Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My gap-year

First of all, if I had enough time, I would like to go to all places in the world, but there's a place that I've kept dreaming about travelling there since I was a child. This place is Hawaii. But, why have I chosen Hawaii? Because I really like Hawaii's landscape; the Pacific Ocean, and its culture.
What would I learn? I would like to learn alot of things in Hawaii, but specially surfing and swimmming underwater to observe the coral reef. And obviously, I would like to practice and improve my English. Also, I would like to learn a lot of things about Hawaii's culture and traditions like moai and firebreather.
What would I eat? In Hawaii, there's a lot of exotic food, but there are three meals that I'm sure I will love if I can taste them. These are ''lomi lomi'', wich are made with vegetables adn beef, ''kalbi ribs'' made with shark rib and traditional vegetables of Hawaii, and finally; ''lau lau''' made with pig meat wrapped with ''taro'' sheet.
Resultado de imagen de hawaii
Resultado de imagen de hawaii  Resultado de imagen de surfing hawaii

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