Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My gap-year

My gap-year:

If I had enough the money, I would go to Ireland and Switzerland.

I want to go to Ireland because I've always been attracted to their culture and their landscapes.

I want to o to Switzerland because I went there when I was about two or three years old with my family and I don't remember anything about the trip.

When I go to Ireland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fish and Chips, pancake and the famous beer, Guinnes.

When I go to Switzerland, I would eat its traditional dishes such as Fondee of cheese, chocolate and beer in a traditional ger.

In Ireland, I will learn:
Its language: Irish is spoken mostly in small areas, although it is spoken throughout the territory and irish is spoken to a leeser extent in Nothern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain.
Its music: I would like to learn to play the violin in the plac where it was created.
And its dance: I would like to learn to dance the beautiful Irish dance.

In Switzerland, I will learn:
I would like to learn about CERN and visit Albert Einstein's house, I would like to go to the traditional factory of Emmental cheese and learn to do it and al I really like the mountain and I couldn't leave without visiting them or not the villange or the farm of Sant Bernardos.

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