Thursday, 28 January 2010

A good book Vs television

This is a much discussed question. All the young people prefer television, and almost all the older people prefer books, and try to convince young people. There are several points to consider.

On the one hand, in the television you can see a lot of different programs. You can see a documentary, useful for the school; you can see a lot of kinds of TV shows, for entertaiment, or talk-shows. Of course you can see a movie too.
On the other hand, maybe the television has problems to think about them. For example, "heart" programs. In these programs all the people talk about the private life of the famous people. Or the celebrities go there and charge a lot of money to say stupid things about their life. Also there are many TV shows where the people speak so badly, they use many insults. And these programs and other violent programs are seen by children.

Another thing is the books. All the people say the book is very good for people, because you can learn new words and its good for the spelling (you can see how the words are written).
In the books there are many details on actions and objects.Another good thing is that you can take all the time that you want for reading. You can read wherever you want and whenever you want. I think one of the best thing why it's positive is because it develops imagination.
But maybe one of the negative aspects is that reading for a long time can tire your eyes. And sometimes it can look boring or long and heavy to read.

In conclusion, I think the book is better than television, however I prefer the TV because you can relax with it and only enjoy. But I still think the book is better and I try to read more and more, because when I like the book I read all the time and I really enjoy.

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