Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Internet does more good than harm

The internet is a techological invention of the twentieth century that has truly changed human lives in many aspects. Nowadays, distance has been shortened and communication improved thanks to this technological tool.

Those who are in favour of the use the internet point out many adventages. To begin with, a great a mount of information is available with just one clik. That is to say, Internet allows the world to be in contact with the latest current news. Another adventatge is that virtual communication has been enhanced. No matter where some one lives, he can be in touch with people from wherever they would live. Futhermore, the use of Internet has made shopping easier. There are many sites on the internet to shop without leaving the house or the working place.

On the other head, there is a growing body of criticism to using the internet. Many opponents advocate that as personal information is available on it, the life of an internet user can be at risk. Another disadventage is that there is always the possibility of being deceived by the sites selling products. They can be of a lower quality or ever not arrive at costomers addresses at all, in spite of being paid in advance.

All things considered, it is true to say tat the Internet brings many benefits to people's lives such as enhancing communication or allowing people to obtain products with no effort. On the other hand, further consideration of the topic shows that it has many drawbacks like de posibility of being tricked.


anx279 said...

True, the internet people are fooled, but there are ways to make security, as when you go to buy something on Ebay, You have to see that the person selling the product, you must have a high rating, this rating is the qualifying by the buyers to the seller, also the time to give your credit card number, do not give it to anyone, just give your card number to websites that are known and that you have a really notion that is reliable, and when receive emails from people or websites telling you you've won a prize and leave your data, please, never pay any attention to this email nonsense.

Well, Internet, to me, is one of the best inventions, us made life more easy, well that's what motivated me to know that studying in the future, and for the career I want, I need know speak in English.

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