Friday, 29 January 2010

holiday abroad VS holiday at home

Now, a lot of people like traveling, which we always do in holiday, and it is increasingly easy to do you can travel around the world. So, what is better, a holiday abroad or a holiday at home?

On the one hand, a holiday abroad is longer than a holiday at home, sometime people think that it is quite tiring. A holiday at home you travel with simple transport, but a holiday abroad you need to take other transport, for exemple, plane, ship, boat, etc. So, it is clear that going abroad is more expensive than a holiday at home. What’s more, if you go to an other country, you’ll speak their language or english. There are several points to consider for a holiday at home.

On the other hand, a holiday abroad, you can get to know other cultures, and it is good for you. You can try their foods and visit this country. You can make friends with people who live there. You see things that in a holiday at home you can’t see. Furthermore, with this travel will get more experience really important for you.

In conclusion, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. For me, I think a holiday abroad is better than a holiday at home, although it is more expensive than a holiday at home. If I have an opportunity to travel, I will choose a holiday abroad. Becanse I think that the experience is really important for everyone. The world is becoming smaller, then it is important the knowledge of other cultures.

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anx279 said...

I think the same as you, Lexian, it is important to understand cultures that are not our.

Furthermore, staying home would be something very boring, because there are many places to visit and enjoy ourselves.

The world is small, but there are many hidden places to discover, places where we'll find incredible things, places where we'll have fun.