Friday, 16 April 2010

If I won a million euros...

If I won a million euros on the lottery, I would feel so excited. I think I would need time to believe that is real, because it's so difficult to happen. However, I have got a lot of ideas about how to spend it!

First of all, I would definitely spend some of the money on paying the mortgage. Of course, I would buy a bigger house for my family and me. I would buy my mom a good computer with TV and internet for her shop, and I would get my dad a huge camper so that he can travel around Europe. For my sister I would buy a plane ticket to Australia and rent a house there because she dreams with being in Australia, and work in its zoo. For myself, I would probably buy shoes and caps because I love them it! I would save money for my degree.
If I had any money left, I would save it in the bank with better conditions. I would help my family with this extra money if they need it.

I don't think winning a million euros would make a big difference en my life. It would only make my life easy with money problems. I would sure still go to school because the money does not last forever, and I would have to get a good job in the future. I wouldn't want to lose my family or my friends. I hope that they would manage well everything that it represents.

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