Thursday, 24 March 2011

My perfect job

My perfect job isn’t an office job, because I need to move myself constantly or I get stressed. I’m a pretty active person, so my perfect job has to let me move and don’t be quiet for too long. For this reason I think my perfect job could be a sport monitor.

I really love doing sport and I have practised many of them since I was about 3. I also love watching sport on TV, all kind of them and I know a lot about all of them.

My perfect job could be with kids, as a sport monitor of a summer camp or something similar, because I really enjoy playing with them and I used to get on well with kids.
Actually, I already did a similar job once, doing sport activities for kids in my high school, and I really had a good time. It was a good experience.

I think that kind of job could be suitable for me because I even have a motivator title.
I could do this job with kids from 1 to 12 years old, at first, because these are the ages I have experience with.

I’m really caring with little kids and I give the olders ones the freedom that they need but always keeping an eye on them.

I’m reliable, so parents will be okay letting me their kids.

In conclusion, that my perfect job.

If one day I find a job like this, even it its only for a summer, I would be extremely happy. And if the pay is good, even better more!


erika said...

Hello!!I´m Erika.I´ve read your comment about your perfect job,and I think is really excelent ,because I think the same than you,I love children,I like fun,play with children...
But especially see than children are happy,that learn with your plays...
I think that is fantastic!!!
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Deborah said...

Hello! I'm Déborah and I have read your blog. I think you can to become a good sport monitor, because of your experience with children and because you like them a lot.I agree with you, I like children too, and I'd like to work as a job like that.

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Maria lopez said...

Hi! I'm María
I agree with you, is a job interesting but I don't like doing the sport, I tired early when i do sport. But I would like go a summer camp like a monitor.
Will be a good experience. If you like the sport this jobs are perfect for you!
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amirsalar said...

Hello! My name is Amir,and I read your post of ''My perfect job''.Very goob job, I agree with you, and I think the job of sport monitor it's really excelent,and you comment is excelent.
I hope you will work in the future in this job! So very good luck!
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Sheila said...

Hello! I am Sheila and I have just read your comment about your perfect job. I think that you will be a great monitor, but I wouldn't can be a great monitor because I don't like children, so I can't work with them. Well I wish you good luck !
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Bye Bye :)

SOFIA said...

Hello ! I'm Sofia and I'm from the blog http:/
I have read your post about your perfect job and I agree with you that, for a person who loves children and sports, the perfect job would be sport monitor in a summer camp. I like so much children and sport, so this summer I would like to find a job in a summer camp for working with kids.
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Rebeca Carnerero said...

Hello my name is Rebeca, and I have a blog too, the adress is
I read your post and I disagree because, for me, my ideal job it's a job that you don't have a lot of exercise, although I love childrens too, but I never work as a monitor of a summer camp.
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Maria lopez said...

Hi! I'm Lidia
I'm agree with you but I think that is a tired job because you should think that is work all the day with young kids and it is so tired but inm the other hand I like because the jobs in summer always are funny.
I think that if do you like this job you must work in it.
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Lidia said...

hi! I'm Lidia
I'm agree with you but i think is a tired job.
Because you should think that is work all the day with young kids and it's so tired but in the other hand I like because the jobs in the summer always are funny.
I thin that if do you like this job, you must work in it.
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Svyatoslav said...

Hello my name is Setes. I read your post and I think that to be a sport monitor would be funny but you need to know that if you want to have this job you need go whit anothers monitors and kids to a forest or lake far from your house and this type of things are not like on movies. So this job is good but not so much.
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Mireia said...

Thanks everyone for read my composition and comment it. Thanks too to the people who had wished me good luck, I really appreciate it, and I promise I will visit your blog when I can, I'm a little busy right now.

All the best.

Vanessa Sanchez said...
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Vanessa Sanchez said...

Hello, My name is Vanessa. !
I think your work is very good, and in fact share with you the work, because I also like my children and I can not sit still in one place stop for many hours because I can not. It's a job that many people would like to have and it's fun and entertaining.
I have a blog called ...
Greetings, I hope you go through it.