Monday, 10 December 2012

Another narrative

-Come on, noob! Let me see if you have become better than me! -Says my oponent, with a shiny smile in the middle of his face.
-Look at this, commander! -I shout- 'Lectric Railgun!
A ray full of electric power appears on my hands, and is shot towards the other men, who avoids it without hesitation.
-You're too slow! -He says. -I suppose you're still a kid! Look and learn! Zero Void!
A dark power appears from the middle of his hands, and advances towards me, slowly, but swallowing everything on his way. It's a superb attack, which no one could avoid.
-Ok, ok, I surrender! -I say, when the void is starting to swallow me.
The void dissappears like it never existed. A voice in off says:
-Shire has surrendered. The commander wins. End of the training.
I suspire. He defeated me again.
The commander.
The never anxious, never dizzy, a coolhearted man who has accomplished all the missions without killing any single criminal. He's the commander... And my elder brother.
I extract the chip from the bracelet dangling from my wrist, and I look at it. This little chip, called "piece of reality", gives to his user unimaginable powers, like control the fire, or the water... In my case I can control the electricity. The real name of the piece of reality is something like "Nano-technical device of..."... Damn! I forgot the last part... In any case, piece of reality is the best name, it's easier than the other one. However, why am I talking about names?
We're from an agency of our country, who uses the people who can use the piece of reality, the so called "Reality-drivers", to fight the criminals who have pieces of realities in their hands. We're like a special department of the common police.
-You're not good enough. -Says him. He is the strongest reality-driver in all the world. Compare him with me is like compare the distance from the sun to the earth, or the day and night, or... Whatever, he is too strong.
-Bro... -I shut up when he looks at me.
-You need more training, noob. -After he says that, he left over the room.
I stand in the room, alone, and I get angry "Fuck! I'm doing my best!" I shout to the empty room. After that, I start training alone.
Who could have said to me that it would be the last time that I saw him... like the brother I used to know.

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