Thursday, 31 October 2013

My profile

Hi guys!
My name is Christian, I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Catalonia, in Spain.
I live in Lloreda, it's my hood. I live with my parents. I've lived here since I was a child and I love my hood and my home.

I like ride my bicycle and go running everyday, these are my best hobbies I do.
I like living in Spain but I'd like to go to the USA to see what's is this like and, if I can, live there for three years, to learn English language is great.
I'd like to go Italy too because I love Rome and I'd like to see it.

At the moment I'm doing this profile because I've to learn English and this is the perfect way and it's interesting and funny!
Do you want to explain-me your hobbies?


David Garcia said...

very good

thais said...

I like your life Christian.

Christiangato14 said...

Oh my god Christian, your life is like mine, I live in Badalona too, I think we can go out together one day!