Wednesday, 11 March 2015


On today's day, it is known that more young people are being addicted to the fact of spending or better said, wasting money on things that are not necessary.

On the one hand, contributing to the country's economy shows an advantatge when investing money. People who can afford buying expensive stuff are more likely to be shopaholics than a middle-class person. Unbelievely, some rich people are found to be spending/wasting money on things in order to change their bad emotions. In other words, going shopping can be a therapy against psychological problems as depression or loneliness.

However, on the other hand, the fact of giving away money to companies whose goals are nothing, is a morally wrong decision. Why investing money in economy when you can help helpless people who don't even have anything to eat, from the third world? It is not human survival our priority? So, instead of being mean and thinking about ourselves while buying unnecessary things, we should donate and contribute to companies who can supply food to hungary people.

To sum up, we should all stop our addition in wasting money on us and provide part of our money to people who really need it. 

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