Sunday, 4 March 2018

A Foreigner in Britain

A Foreigner in Britain

My name's is Antonio and I'm Spanish. I worte my book, A foreigner in Britain, because it was a homework for the university. We had to write stories about our lives. I decided to write about my trips to England, Scotland and Wales, because they were fascinating experiences in my life and I really wanted to write my first impressions, the country, the people, the culture, the food...

My book explains the relaxed atmosphere thet there is in London, because I felt so disappointed when I went to Trafalgar Square to celebrate the new year, it explains when I went to the original Globe Theater where most of Shakespeare's plays were performed.

Also, my fascination when my friend Paul and I saw an orthodox Muslim women who only had his eyes uncovered and I speak about all of the people of all cultures that celebrate together the Caribbean carnival in London.

When I handed over my homework to my teacher and read the title said it seemed entertaining and when she returned it corrected, he told me that it was fun to read and should continue writing. It's words cheered me up and when I finished the University I decided to publish the book.

Writing the book I realized that I had learned a lot about the customs and traditions of those countries and that I had made more friends than I already had. I had a great time writing this book and I hope you have fun reading and learning at the same time.

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Nadia R said...

Keyla you had great imagination to think that new part of the novel. let's hope that Antonio is successful with his book