Thursday, 1 March 2018


Hi, my name is Antonio and I am Spanish. My mother is English and my father is American. I was born in Spain and I grew up between Washington and Barcelona, that's why I am a very open person and I love meeting new people and having new experiences. This year I finish the career and I want to do something memorable, leave a mark at University before leaving, you know what I mean. I'll explain, don't worry...

I love reading books about adventures, history, travel, etc. also that helps me to write. I had not told you? I love writing. Whenever I have time I write. One of my dreams is to write a book, a book that helps me and helps others, and finally I had the opportunity.

All the final year students we were offered to participate in an English language competition. The participants had three months to write a book, the only condition was that it has to be in English. Whoever won the competition, his or her book would be published and recommended for high school students. Then I though... Perhaps I would have to introduce myself and try, right? So it was. The fact that you are reading this post, makes it clear to you to know who won, right?

Reading this book you will take you for walk through Britain, you will visit the most popular streets of the country, you will eat traditional dishes from the four cardinal points of Britain and I will introduce you to all my friends and my family who will accompany me on this trip. 

Welcome to all my experiences that I have has as a foreigner in Britain, which will also be your experiences very soon.


Nadia R said...

good job abir. We could already look like you and me to Antonio, I hope we would like to read books like him.

Keyla Michaga said...

I think that we have learned very much reading this book, we have learned many new things and above we have spend it to ourselves well.